# Heat Rover

Hello McGill Physics Hackers!

We have a made a 3D robotics environment for you to explore and collect data in. The robot is wired with temperature and ultrasonic sensors and controlled through an Arduino Uno board.

  1. Warm up problem! The robotics environment represents a uniform, square 2D plate of unknown dimensions at a fixed time. A heat source is located at the centre of the plate. Use the ultrasonic sensor to measure distances and the temperature sensor to make a heat map of the plate. There are more efficient ways to do this in the real world of course, but they are not as fun! Present us your strategy for solving this mini-coding challenge

  2. Now for some physics! Use the heat map you made from your rover data as initial conditions for the 2D plate. Assuming the plate is isolated, simulate the heat transfer in the plate.

# Prize for the best project

Do the full challenge as a hackathon project. The team with the best solution, assuming at least 3 teams take on the challenge, will win Arduino starter kits.

# Submission post-hackathon

We will be offering an additional prize to teams who wish to submit their projects after the hackathon. Submit before Friday November, November 13th at midnight (ET) and include:

  1. File submission: zip your files and submit to hello@p4labs.io with the naming format: mcgill_hackathon_NAME.zip

  2. Video presentation submission: share a youtube/vimeo/other link of your 5-min presentation explaining your solution or send to hello@p4labs.io via WeTransfer(opens new window) .

Can't complete the whole challenge? Send us part 1, the heat map of the environment with your code and strategy, by the deadline to be considered for an Arduino prize!

Stay in touch with us by subscribing here:(opens new window) . We're looking for beta testers and potential collaborators.

Check out the sandbox for the 3D environment HERE

Good luck!

Joel and Tawfiq

p4labs.io(opens new window)